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7.5 Acre Crystal Lagoon In Central Florida

The Tampa area is home to a crystal blue 7.5-acre man-made lagoon and beach featuring a 6 million gallon swimming pool that will stretch the length of five football fields.  The crystal-clear bodies of water are unique because the water is clarified using a patented ultrasonic filtration technology

The expansive pool is surrounded by white sand beaches, and many features including a swim-up bar, cabana cove, floating obstacle course, giant slide, rock climbing wall, surf shop & more!  

Here you can enjoy your watersport activities like kayaking and paddle boarding without worrying a massive wave will hit you or even worse, encounter an alligator. The wading pool on Gasparilla Island is perfect for children, as well as a pavilion that offers games and music.  There is even a calendar chock full of daily activities like water aerobics and live music.

If you just want to relax, rent a private cabana and enjoy the views while being served your favourite drink.

Once only open to residents, Crystal Lagoon is now open to the public for all to enjoy.

Admission is $20/person, $10 for the slide or rock wall, $90 cabana rental $15 for double chair rental or $20 for quad.

*Images courtesy of Crystal Lagoons

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