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8 Dollar Store Must Haves To Save You Money On Your Disney Vacation

I think most of you will agree that Disney is super fun. But it can also be super expensive. I enjoy sharing my Disney tips so I’ve made a list of top 8 must bring items that will save you some money without sacrificing any fun!  The best part is, I purchase all of these items at my local dollar store.

  • Rain ponchos. We have yet to take a trip to Florida when it hasn’t rained.  And we go quite often.  Rain showers and storms can be fierce in Florida and happen quite frequently.  Of course you can purchase the Disney ponchos in the parks, but for much more than a few bucks. Stock up and consider extra for your stroller, bags etc.
  • Sandwich bags. Don’t forget that Disney allows their guests to bring in food and snacks to the parks. Packing your own snacks can add to a huge savings.  Bring some bags with you to pack lunch, or snacks.  The larger ones are also useful for wet swim suits, dirty diapers, trash etc.
  • Tissues and wet wipes. Expect the unexpected. Especially when you are going with kids. Boogers, dirt, blood – you just never know. Best to be prepared. These typically come in packs of 3 or more for a few dollars.
  • Glow sticks. When my children were younger, I would bring glow sticks with us for a couple of reasons. First off, because kids wants everything that glows or lights up. And as soon as night falls, Disney vendors will start appearing out of no where turning on every glowing and light up novelty. Sure to get kids attention. Secondly, safety.  I discovered that when they are wearing something that glows, it’s easier to keep an eye on them especially if they happen to wander off during the evening.
  • Hand sanitizer. Germs. Enough said.
  • Water bottles. Filling up your own water bottles could save you tons in drinks. It is important to stay hydrated and that could get expensive. You can fill up your water bottles at the fountains and if you choose, bring some squirt water flavouring that you may also find at the dollar store. The bottles pictured here from Dollar Tree even have a handy snack container on the bottom.
  • Souvenir’s. It’s easy to fall prey to the pricey Disney gift shops. Some rides even end up directly inside a shop. Clever.  But if you take a look at your local dollar store, they are full of Disney items from books, jewellery, flashlights, dolls, wands and much more.  Take them with you and hand them out while you’re in the parks. They will be just as excited and this could save you a pretty penny. Check out these neat Disney Halloween safety kits that I brought to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!
  • Cooling towels. If you’re heading to Disney during the summer months, this is a must. Believe me when I say it is SO humid during the summer in Florida. I purchased mine from my local dollar store, but these are a hit and miss so keep your eyes open and when you see them, snag ‘em.

Have I missed anything? What would you add to my list of dollar store must haves for a Disney parks trip?