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Do I Need A Disney Magic Band?

Disney has always been at the forefront of using innovative technology in their parks.  MagicBands are just one.  Those brightly coloured bands are cute, and some even collectable but they do serve some important functions.

How do they work?

Despite being called “magic” bands, there is certainly no magic behind them. It’s a technology called RFID or Radio Frequency Identification.  Inside your band are 2 different type of antennae:  a long range & short range.

The short range is what interacts with touch points like the Mickey heads that light up when you tap it with your band at places like the FastPass+ lines.  The long range is what is used to track guests for things such as crowd trends, to ride photo’s.

You will need to activate your band through your My Disney Experience App.

What can my MagicBand do?

  • Scan it to gain entry into any of the Disney parks
  • Redeem your FastPass+ reservations
  • Link photo pass images to your My Disney Experience account
  • Unlock the door to your Disney Resort hotel room
  • Charge items to your Disney Resort hotel room
  • Redeem Disney Dining Plan credits

Do I need a MagicBand if I am not staying on Disney property?

A MagicBand isn’t necessary however, as someone who never stays onsite I do find it extremely convenient.  Gone are the days of rummaging through my bag looking for my park ticket, panic setting in thinking I had lost it, all this while holding up the line for people behind me with bands on!

Although it’s not necessary as you still do most things that guests with MagicBands do with your park ticket, I do suggest a magic band for the sheer convenience.   Plus, they are super cute & fun to wear while you scan your way through the parks.

How much do they cost?

MagicBands start at $14.99US for a solid colour band, and could go upwards to $29.99 for Limited Edition bands like this one. 

Annual Pass holders and guests staying at a Disney resort will get a standard band at no cost.

Do they have bands for children?

The MagicBand was designed as a one fits all. They are adjustable to fit small wrists.

Is my personal information safe?

Little information is stored on the MagicBand itself. Disney claims that each band is assigned a random code that securely links to an encrypted database. As an extra level of protection, each band also has a personalized PIN number attached to it.

You can read more about the privacy and safety of the bands on Disney’s website here

Some other cool features of the MagicBands:

  • One size fits all
  • Waterproof
  • You can have multiple bands activated at once
  • Reusable
  • Multiple colours, designs & limited edition bands
  • Customizable

We hope we’ve helped you with your decision on whether or not a MagicBand is for you.

What is your favourite MagicBand to wear in the parks?

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