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Express Train Will Connect Miami And Orlando By 2022

Exciting news for the cities of Orlando and Miami as Virgin Trains USA starts a new project in Florida.  An express train that will connect Orlando and Miami in just 3 hours while riders enjoy a fast, clean ride with food and drink service and Wi-Fi.

Virgin Trains broke ground on its station at Orlando International Airport’s Intermodal Terminal on June 24th, a project that will be completed by 2022.  It will connect existing rail service in South Florida with new tracks in Central Florida, creating a rail line between Orlando and Miami.

The project includes about 170 miles of new track that will be built over the next three years by more than 10,000 construction workers, which Virgin Trains calls the largest private infrastructure project in the nation.

On those new tracks, the train will reach speeds of 125 miles per hour between Cocoa and Orlando.

According to a breaking piece from the Orlando Sentinel, a station at Walt Disney World, as well as a link with SunRail’s Meadow Wood station are set to open at about the same time as Virgin Train USA’s Orlando airport station. “It’s our expectation to get it done and to build out to Disney,” Virgin Trains president Patrick Goddard said about the lines. Construction is expected to take between 30 to 36 months. And so you know they’re serious, Goddard also mentioned that Virgin Trains signed a letter of intent with Disney last year.

What’s particularly attractive about this project is the opportunities it will create for visitors who now can jump on a train in the morning after visiting Orlando attractions like Disney World or Universal Studios and be relaxing on South Beach by the afternoon.

With Miami International Airport being a leader in international visitors, who are used to taking trains in their home countries, and Orlando International Airport leading in domestic visitors to Central Florida’s amusement parks, there’s a natural synergy for linking the two airports with a train.

Additionally, it will also provide relief for local travelers who will be able to choose whether they want to deal with highway traffic to get from one city to another.

*Image courtesy of Virgin Trains USA