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Moonlight Kayak Tour Beneath The Stars

Floridians enjoy doing nightly activities as you can see in my previous post here with movies under the stars.  This weekend you can enjoy a guided moonlight kayak tour beneath the stars at Lake Louisa.

Guided by the light of a full moon, this paddle journeys from the beach of Lake Louisa to Big Creek and back. A different world appears at night, while a knowledgeable guide shares information on the history of the lake, and surrounding natural environment.

This paddle is very easy, and is enjoyed most by those who have kayaked or canoed at least once before. Please save your email confirmation for check in procedures. Participants will be most comfortable in clothing that can get a little damp. All equipment needed for the paddle is included. It is recommended that participants bring their own bug spray.

Participants must meet on the Lake Louisa Beach no later than 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time in order to complete your liability waiver. Please keep in mind it takes roughly 10 minutes to reach the beach from the park entrance.

More information and dates here

Underwater Light Show- Beyond The Parks Edition

Bioluminescent Tours

After the sun sets, the water lights up in the Meritt Island area about an hour from Orlando.

The underwater fireworks show is all thanks to single-celled organisms called dinoflagellates that leave a swirl of blue as your paddle cuts through the water. Bioluminescent plankton in the water will interact and light up, creating a truly phenomenal effect. It’s an experience like no other! Magical – outside of the parks.

Along the way, it’s not uncommon for manatees to pop up alongside and say hello with a snort, not to mention the occasional shooting star, Atlantic bottlenose dolphins (which also light up blue) and the always-entertaining jumping mullet.

The tours are run during the warmer months between June and October for an optimal viewing experience.

So Be Surf offers Paddle board tours while Get up and Go offers kayaks. The choice is yours.

So Be Surf Website

Get up and Go Website