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Disney Springs Lands Among New York Times’ Top Places to Visit In 2018

disney springs

Disney Springs is among several U.S. spots on a newly released New York Times list of the 52 Places to Go in 2018 coming in at number 41.

The focus of the New York Times article is how Disney Springs provides “an unexpected culinary destination with a focus on grown-ups. Rick Bayless, Masaharu Morimoto, Wolfgang Puck and Art Smith have all opened restaurants here, and George Miliotes is launching a wine bar in spring 2018 that will be the only master sommelier-ied wine bar in the state. There are boutiques, a House of Blues and partying opportunities aplenty — all giving adults a new reason to go to Disney,” wrote Nell McShane Wulfhart.

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What is Disney Springs?

Disney Springs is an entertainment complex brimming with unique boutiques, culinary experiences and live entertainment.  It’s everything from a brief visit to a full day—and well into the evening— experience. A fun break from the parks, and there’s enough going on to please shopaholics, foodies and picky children.  It’s free to access and divided into 4 main areas:


Family friendly area home to many shops & dining options including Lego store and T-Rex family restaurant.

West Side:

Ignite your senses with the sound of applause for world renowned shows and the tempting aroma of treats to be discovered. Be sure to check out a live band at The House of Blues.

The Landing: 

A waterside district with several new restaurants with beautiful waterfront views and new buildings designed to look like they’ve been there for years. Enjoy a dockside cocktail at The Boathouse.

Town Centre:

This area is themed after Florida’s turn of the Century waterfront towns and includes over 30 shops and a variety of dining options and a playful promenade that lets you relax, refresh and reconnect.

Whether you want to dine at a celebrity restaurant, do some shopping, listen to a live band or cruise Lake Buena Vista on an amphicar or Italian water taxi there is plenty to do for everyone! Visit their website here for a complete listing of all it offers.