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Sunshine Villa Florida’s Stay Safe Plan

stay safe plan

Does sunshine, palm trees, sand and maybe even a little Mickey sound good to you? YES!  We could all use something to look forward to these days and just because we have to physically/socially distance ourselves due to COVID19 doesn’t mean we can’t begin to plan our next vacation!

At Sunshine Villa Florida we want to help you book your next Orlando holiday with savings, security & peace of mind.

For a limited time, we have introduced a Stay Safe Plan to help with that.  For eligible new bookings in 2021/2022:

  • Save! Secure 2020 rates but travel in 2021/2022
  • We have temporarily lowered our deposit amount from 50% to 25%
  • We have temporarily relaxed our cancellation policy from 60 to 30 days
  • Need to change dates? No problem!*
  • Zero booking fees by booking direct!
  • We can suggest travel insurers offering Cancel For Any Reason policies that could protect your funds**!
  • FREE gift with first 3 bookings!

Sunshine Villa Florida- your house near the Mouse offers a 4 bedroom 1500 sq ft townhouse only 20 minutes to Disney, near beaches, State parks, and many other attractions Florida has to offer.

Frozen theme Disney suite suitable for the ice Queen herself! Pools, slide, gym, hot tub, tiki bar, playground, ticket sales & more

4 bedrooms with 2 master suites, one on the main floor, 3 bath. Free WIFI & parking for 2. Pond in the backyard, golf directly across the road.

Located in a guard gated, resort style community with pools, slide, on site restaurant & more. Golf next door. Our rates start at only $99/night!

It’s time to have something to look forward to! Book your holiday with confidence and start planning your next vacation.  Hurry, this is for a limited time only.

Most importantly, stay safe friends!

*Subject to availability & current posted rates

** US residents, some States excluded, Up to traveller to confirm policy terms/conditions/coverage/limits/exclusions and if coverage is right for them.  We do not sell insurance and are not affiliated in any way, these are merely suggestions

***Subject to change without notice, applicable to new bookings only, inquire for full terms & conditions

Trick Or Treating In Orlando

trick or treating in orlando

Visiting Orlando during Halloween and want to experience trick or treating?  We’ve come up with a list of fabulous and free events in & around the Orlando area where you can take your little ghouls and goblins out for some Halloween fun!

First up is Halloween at Old Town 5770 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy
Kissimmee FL, 34746:

Bring your bags and stop by one of the many candy stations and participating merchants to load up on sugary treats.

Stay and participate in the annual costume contest.  Judging is based on audience participation but everyone will walk away a winner for trying out.  Contests will include different age groups.

Trick or Treating and the costume contests are FREE for all ages.

Trick or Treating: Oct 31 5:00-7:00 (or while supplies last)

Costume Contest: Oct 31 7:00-8:00 at the Old Town Main Stage

Full details here

2. HALLOWEENFEST, Plant Street, Winter Garden:

October 31st 6:00-8:00pm

Trick or Treat along Plant St with the downtown merchants featuring live entertainment, local vendors and family activities: Hay maze & free crafts!

Full details here

trick or treating in orlando


October 31st 6:00-8:00

Trick or treat with the downtown vendors on First St & Magnolia Square in downtown Sanford

Carnival games, prizes & surprises

Costume contest at 7:00 & 7:30 by age groups in Magnolia Square

Full details here

4. HALLOWEEN @ CRANES ROOST, 274 Cranes Roost Blvd.
Altamonte Springs, FL 32701

October 31st 5:00-9:00

The event features:

  • Trick or treating around the lake for candy and goodies
  • Costume contests
  • Kids’ games and activities
  • Live music and dance performances


Oct 31 6:30-8:30 in Shady Park at Hannibal Square, Winter Park FL, 32789

This free event will have a ton of activities including games, bounce houses, a costume contest, Trick-or-Treat Trail, and lots of fun for the entire family!

Full details here

Happy Halloween!

New Ice Cream Parlour At Regal Palms!

ice cream

Florida is the Sunshine State and what’s the best way to cool down on a hot Florida day? Well ice cream of course!

Frankie Farrells opened earlier this year serving up some delicious meals and pool side snacks and they are now serving up some sweet, cool treats to go along with it!  The new Ice Cream Parlour is now open offering soft serve ice cream in a cup, cake or waffle cone, sundaes and milkshakes.  It’s open to the public, so you don’t need to be a guest in order to enjoy the cool new treats.  And it just so happens that July is National Ice Cream month so stop on by and cool off with a refreshing treat!

Some fun ice cream facts:

  • It takes about 50 licks to finish a single scoop ice cream cone
  • Brain freeze occurs when ice cream touches the roof of your mouth
  • California produces the most ice cream in the US
  • New Zealand consumes the most ice cream world wide

Visit here for more fun ice cream facts!

Why Does Disney Scan Our Fingerprints & Should We Be Concerned?

Disney has been using biometrics as part of their entry system since 2013.  Merrian Webster defines biometrics as the measurement and analysis of unique physical or behavioral characteristics (such as fingerprint or voice patterns) especially as a means of verifying personal identity”

Disney is not the only organization who uses biometrics.  Orlando International Airport recently announced implementing small facial recognition stations to verify the identities of all incoming and outgoing travelers, including U.S. citizens.

In Disney’s case, to enter a park, all guests from age 3+ are requested to scan their ticket media (or your Magic Band) and then place their finger onto a scanner to confirm your ID.

But why? More importantly, are there any implications on our personal privacy?  You can find the answers to this and more here:

Essentially, Disney scans fingers as a preventative measure against fraud, and matches your ticket, to you and you only.  Disney discards the measurements and uses a tag ID instead.

Disney explains this on their site:

We offer the convenience of Ticket Tag at the entrance of many of our theme parks and water parks. Ticket Tag helps to facilitate ease of re-entry into our parks and helps prevent fraud.  In order to use Ticket Tag, you simply place your finger on a reader. The system, which utilizes the technology of biometrics, takes an image of your finger, converts the image into a unique numerical value and immediately discards the image. The numerical value is recalled when you use Ticket Tag with the same ticket to re-enter or visit another Park. Ticket Tag does not store fingerprints.

The security, integrity and confidentiality of your information are extremely important to us. We have implemented technical, administrative and physical security measures that are designed to protect guest information from unauthorized access, disclosure, use and modification. From time to time, we review our security procedures to consider appropriate new technology and methods. Please be aware that, despite our best efforts, no security measures are perfect or impenetrable.

So there you have it.  According to Disney there is no need to be concerned about privacy, but if you still feel uneasy about it, you can always opt out.

Express Train Will Connect Miami And Orlando By 2022

virgin express train orlando

Exciting news for the cities of Orlando and Miami as Virgin Trains USA starts a new project in Florida.  An express train that will connect Orlando and Miami in just 3 hours while riders enjoy a fast, clean ride with food and drink service and Wi-Fi.

Virgin Trains broke ground on its station at Orlando International Airport’s Intermodal Terminal on June 24th, a project that will be completed by 2022.  It will connect existing rail service in South Florida with new tracks in Central Florida, creating a rail line between Orlando and Miami.

The project includes about 170 miles of new track that will be built over the next three years by more than 10,000 construction workers, which Virgin Trains calls the largest private infrastructure project in the nation.

On those new tracks, the train will reach speeds of 125 miles per hour between Cocoa and Orlando.

According to a breaking piece from the Orlando Sentinel, a station at Walt Disney World, as well as a link with SunRail’s Meadow Wood station are set to open at about the same time as Virgin Train USA’s Orlando airport station. “It’s our expectation to get it done and to build out to Disney,” Virgin Trains president Patrick Goddard said about the lines. Construction is expected to take between 30 to 36 months. And so you know they’re serious, Goddard also mentioned that Virgin Trains signed a letter of intent with Disney last year.

What’s particularly attractive about this project is the opportunities it will create for visitors who now can jump on a train in the morning after visiting Orlando attractions like Disney World or Universal Studios and be relaxing on South Beach by the afternoon.

With Miami International Airport being a leader in international visitors, who are used to taking trains in their home countries, and Orlando International Airport leading in domestic visitors to Central Florida’s amusement parks, there’s a natural synergy for linking the two airports with a train.

Additionally, it will also provide relief for local travelers who will be able to choose whether they want to deal with highway traffic to get from one city to another.

*Image courtesy of Virgin Trains USA

6 Ways To Stay Cool In The Parks


Snowbirds like to visit Florida during the winter months to escape the cold in exchange for some Southern heat. But for people who are parents like me, we prefer to visit the parks during summer break when the kids aren’t in school. But that likely means sweltering, humid temperatures. So how do you deal with the Florida summer temps? Well we’ve come up with 6 ways to beat the Orlando heat this summer.

  1. Resort Pool

If one thing is certain about visiting Orlando during the summer, it is that you’re going to need to spend some time in the pool. Luckily for those who stay with us, they will have full access to the community pool.  It features a zero entry for your little ones, a ripping water slide, and lazy river in a lush tropical setting.  Disney properties also have several pools at their resorts to cool off.

  1. Cold & frozen treats

Icy treats are the perfect accessory on a hot summer day. While at the parks, you can indulge in one of the many frozen or cold food and beverage options available to purchase. You can find some satisfying sweets or icy beverages dining locations and carts scattered throughout the theme parks. My personal favourite – Dole Whip! Another (non-park) personal favourite is Twistee Treats. You can spot these cone shaped buildings scattered around the Orlando area and they offer creamy soft serve ice cream in a combination of flavours. Don’t forget you can also visit our onsite restaurant Frankie Farrells for a cool beverage.

  1. Indoor attractions & entertainment

When you aren’t soaking up the sun at pool, chances are you’re in one of the theme parks. Although many of the attractions and entertainment are outdoors, there are plenty of indoor options in each park that are out of the sun and into the air conditioning.

Many of the classic attractions at the Magic Kingdom such as The Haunted MansionPirates of the Caribbean, and, Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress, are perfect for visiting on a hot day. It’s a great way to relax and enjoy some of the old school attractions that you may not have experienced in a while.  Don’t forget our resort has an indoor arcade that you can escape to when in need of some A/C and some gaming fun.

  1. Cooling Towels

Cooling towels are re-usable chamois like cloths that absorb water, but does not drip wet, thus keep you cool and dry.  We always bring them with us to the parks.  You can wet them throughout the day and drape them over your neck or head to provide relief from the blistering heat.

We happen to own Frogg Toggs, and they work great, but there are many brands on the market some of which stay cool for hours. They are also machine washable.

  1. Frozen water

Luckily Disney permits guests to bring in their own food and drinks.  We happen to use a cooler bag that is from the Disney store to carry our drinks.  We freeze plenty of water bottles the night before, and they gradually thaw out through the day providing cool refreshments all day long.  This is a double whammy because it will also save some money on buying water in the parks.  Win win.

  1. Reservations

If you take away 1 piece of advice from this article, let it be this one.  Assuming you are spending at least 1 day at a theme park during your visit to Orlando, spending all day outside in 30+ degree weather while the hot sun is beaming down can make you hot, sweaty, cranky & hungry.  We used to have lunch by lining up in the scorching sun waiting to order our food at one of the quick service places, and then if you were lucky (I mean really lucky) you’ll find an outdoor table in the shade.  Never again.

Make dining reservations in advance through your My Disney Experience app at one of the many restaurants located throughout the parks. It allows you to cool down, re-charge and get you ready to hit the attractions again.

Don’t forget to check out our many other great tips on our blog!

Saharan Dust. What Is It And Should You Be Concerned?

saharan dust

If you are in Florida at the moment, you may have noticed how hazy it’s been the last couple days.  That’s because there’s a layer of Saharan dust over Florida that travelled through the atmosphere all the way from the Sahara Desert. That’s an amazing 5,000-mile-long journey!

Known as the Saharan Air Layer (SAL), this dry dust plume commonly forms from late spring through early fall, moving out into the tropical Atlantic Ocean about every three to five days, according to NOAA’s Hurricane Research Division (HRD).  The HRD says the SAL is typically located between 5,000 and 20,000 feet above the Earth’s surface. It is transported westward by bursts of strong winds and tropical waves located in the central and western Atlantic Ocean at altitudes between 6,500 and 14,500 feet.

Saharan dust is nothing new. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, strong winds can transport dust several thousand miles across the Atlantic Ocean, tracking as far west as Texas.

So is it a good thing? We’ve broken it down for you.

The Bad:

Day-time skies may appear a little hazy. You may even notice a little orange dust on your car.

In high doses, Saharan dust can be dangerous. The extremely fine particulates can pose a hazard to those with sensitive lungs, frequently prompting the National Weather Service to issue air-quality alerts. This time around, the aerosol’s concentration is low enough to stay below any threshold for concern.

Iron in the dust can act as a fertilizer, helping trigger a localized red tide bloom.  A study by NOAA & NASA showed that dust from the plains of Africa contains high levels of iron. When this dust settles in the Gulf, a bacteria called Trichodesium converts the iron into nitrogen. Then nitrogen acts as a fertilizer for karenia brevis, the dinoflagellate responsible for red tide.  During the study, the large amount of Saharan Dust arrived on July 1st and by October, red tide had developed in the area with biologically-accessible nitrogen.

This Saharan Dust may end up having no impact on red tide in the Gulf this summer and fall, but it should be one of the variables to watch.  Furthermore, it takes time for this entire process to occur. Even if this current increase in Saharan Dust does have an impact, it could take months to see red tide develop in the impacted area.

The Good:

The arrival of Saharan dust might be good news for Gulf Coast residents & visitors alike, particularly those beleaguered by a destructive 2018 hurricane season. The reason? Saharan dust tends to quell Atlantic hurricane activity.  It’s not the dust that does it per se but, rather, that the dust is a tracer embedded in a layer of desert air. Having air that dry in the middle atmosphere puts a damper on any attempts for a tropical cyclone to form.

Saharan Dust makes for beautiful, vivid sunsets.

You can track the Saharan Air Layer here.

*Image via WINK News

Guide To Drinking Around The World At Epcot

drinking around the world

Walt Disney World is not just for kids and Epcot is arguably Disney’s best park for adults because of its cultural themes and the many options to eat and drink.

Since most of us aren’t able to spend thousands travelling the world at a moment’s notice to experience artisan cheese in Paris, or fine wine in Italy, Epcot’s World of Showcase offers us the next best thing.  The opportunity to sample alcoholic beverages and cuisine from around the world. Take a tour around the world sampling unique beers, wines and cocktails from many different Countries without having to leave North America!

The premise of drinking around the world is simple.  Epcot’s World of Showcase features several Countries to explore.  Choose to begin on the right at Canada, or the left in Mexico and work your way through all the Countries.


Share drinks:      Drinking in moderation is key in maximizing fun.  Sharing will help avoid over-consumption and help you make it to the end of all the countries.

Be respectful:    Be mindful that Epcot is a family theme park.  Know your limits.

Explore the Pavilions: You’re limited to which attractions you can visit with a drink in hand so take the time to explore the beauty and uniqueness in each pavilion.

If you find your group may have trouble carrying their drinks purchase the handy Bottle Strap for $3.75 sold in Norway.

Let’s start our journey!


La Cava Del carries 200+ tequilas and serves some excellent drinks like the Blood Orange Margarita, Avocado Margarita, Jalapeno Margarita and the Tequila flights.

If you were looking to blow all your money in one day, Pay $250 for a shot from a 250 year old tequila company; easily the most expensive drink in the park.

Cuervo 250 Anniversary, $248


The Linie Aquavit Glacier Shot, $12.25 – referred to as “Satan’s Tears”, is an epic shot with a slight licorice flavor popular in Scandinavian countries.

Nordic Draft Beers, $9 – Choose from Aass Pilsner, Einstock White Ale and Einstock Toasted Porter.

Pear Cider, $9.75 – The only one found in Epcot.  For another caffeine fix, try the Viking Coffee, $10.50 – The coffee is flavored with Kamora Coffee Liqueur and Baileys Irish Cream.


The Tea Stand in China features some of the most unique beverages like the Mango Gingerita, Canto Loopy, Peach Snap! or Green Tea Plum Slush.  The Plum wine is also a fan favourite and cheaper than Japan at $5.  For a real treat, try the Tipsy Ducks in Love $8.95 made with Bourbon Whisky, Coffee, Black Tea, Cream & Chocolate Syrup.


Well, it’s pretty obvious that this pavilion has its fair share of great beer. Be prepared for long lines at this one but if you head deeper into the pavilion the beers offered here typically include paten,  Altenmunster Oktoberfest, Lowenbrau, & Adeberger.  You can also enjoy some Jägermeister shots, $9.


Head to Via Napoli and enjoy a Moretti La Rosa beer and be sure to have a pizza to go with it – delicious!   You can also enjoy beer flights at Tutto Gusto and Italian wine like the Fior D’Arancio, a sweet & refreshing Moscato, $8.  Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar is a hidden gem and no reservations required.   Try the Villa Marzia Limoncello, $11 – A classic Italian cordial or the Belnero Banfi Sangiovese ’13 Glass, $20 – A pricey, bold red wine with deep flavors. When in Rome!


Throughout the year, they promote different American craft beers from around the US.  Blue Point toasted lager, and the Blood Orange Wheat Ale at $8.75 each are good options.  Hard Cider is a rare find in Epcot and you can find McKenzie’s Black Cherry Hard Cider, $10 as well are your typical Bud Light and Yeungling.


Some favourites here include plum wine a sweet and sour drink made with Japanese plums, shochu and sugar, $7, hot or cold sake and a Kirin Frozen Draft for $6.75


If you want beer, the Casa Beer is the only Moroccan beer offered at $7.99.  The mixed drinks and Sangria (especially the Sultan) are really good here.   If you need a caffeine fix, head over to the Tangerine Café where you can enjoy a coffee infused with liquor.


Find your way toward the back of the pavilion to LES HALLES BOULANGERIE-PATISSERIE, a refreshing quick service eatery with air conditioned seating. They serve many delicious entrees and desserts, as well as a variety of drinks.

The Grand Marnier & Grey Goose Orange Slush, and the Grey Goose Citron Lemonade Slush are pretty good but expensive. These might be a good sharing option.  For wine, the Beaujolais Duboef, $6.90 – One of several French regional wines.


The UK Beer Cart is oddly named as it only offers three beer choices – Bass Ale Draft or Harp Lager Draft for $8.75 and Magner’s Pear Cider for $9.

There are several good beer options in the UK, including the Black and Tan, $9.75 but why not try their Leaping Leprecaun Coctail, $16.75 or a Johnnie Walker Blue or The Macallan 18yr, $41,  a 2 oz. pour from one of these classic scotch whiskies.


La Fin Du Monde is arguably the best beer in the world!  It has a score of 98 on Ratebeer.  For reference, that’s over double the best beer in Germany!  The Trois Pistoles & Éphémèreis also an excellent beer option.

Le Cellier Ice Wine Flight is $21, and features Neige Apple, Inniskillan Vidal and Chateau des Charmes Vidal wines.

We believe in 100% responsible drinking. Remember to drink in moderation and be courteous to fellow guests during your trip, as Walt Disney World is a family vacation destination.

All prices were calculated at time of writing and are subject to change. Availability may also vary.

Why Disney Is NOT The Happiest Place On Earth

why Disney is not the happiest place on earth

Why Disney World is NOT the happiest place on Earth

Screaming kids:  When children see their beloved characters in real life, they scream and cheer in delight because up until now, these characters were merely on pages in a book or on a TV screen. To see their little faces light up is just pure magic.  There are plenty of meet and greet opportunities around each park but be sure to plan ahead of your trip.

Too much competition:

With attractions like Toy Story Mania & Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger, your group’s competitive spirit is likely to shine!  Blast away aliens while trying to attain the highest score in your group!

You may come face to face with lions, tigers, crocodiles, and maybe even a T-rex!

Animal Kingdom is a zoological theme park and is the largest of the 4 parks at Walt Disney World. It’s filled with live animals like Sumatran Tigers and a safari attraction that takes passengers through a 110 acre area where you can encounter elephants, giraffes and lions roaming around.

Toystory Land is the newest section of Hollywood Studios and features attractions from the popular Toy Story movies. While there are no real animals found here, you will find yourself surrounded by giant sized versions of the beloved characters like Woody, Jesse & Rex that makes you feel like you’re in the movie itself!

You’ll likely cheat on your diet:

Walt Disney World offers amazing cuisine and treats around all its parks and resorts making it challenging for those who are trying to eat healthier.  Like this refreshingly delicious Lost Princess Cone with purple cone

A giant Mickey Celebration Donut in strawberry, chocolate or vanilla.

mickey donut

A Tangled Éclair filled with dulce de leche, topped with white chocolate cream, sugar flowers and a chocolate frying pan.

Don’t fret, there are plenty of healthier options. Like The Electric Umbrella in Epcot with fresh salads, sandwiches and offers gluten/wheat,milk/dairy, egg, soy, peanut, tree nut, fish and shellfish free choices. Additionally, it’s peanut/nut safe!

The 50’s Prime Time Café located in Hollywood Studios also features an allergy friendly menu and some good old comfort food like pot roast, soup, pork chops, meatloaf with veggies and more.

Loud Fireworks late at night

Disney’s fireworks is nothing short of mesmerizing. Their current show, “Happily Ever After” is a spectacular show that showcases classic and contemporary Disney stories at Magic Kingdom nightly.  Watch in awe as Cinderella’s Castle becomes the story backdrop by magically transforming through amazing state of the art projection technology.  It’s a dazzling journey of lights, color and song that will warm your heart and take you right into Disney’s animated films.

Unreliable Elevators:  You may want to reconsider accommodations at the Hollywood Tower Hotel.   It reportedly has serious issues with its elevators like plummeting multiple stories! Scary!

Hollywood Tower of Terror is a dark, accelerated drop tower ride located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The attraction is inspired by the television series “The Twilight Zone” and takes place in the fictional Hollywood Tower Hotel. At 199 feet, it’s the second tallest attraction at Walt Disney World.

You won’t want to leave:

Kidding aside, Walt Disney World really is the happiest place on Earth (at least I think so!). But all good things must come to an end unfortunately and you may suffer from a case of the post Disney blues.  You can help combat the blues by reflecting on the magical time you had by sharing some of your photos, make a scrapbook, or watch a Disney movie to get you back into Disney zone.  Of course you can also book another Disney trip and start counting down!

*Images courtesy of Disney Food Blog

How Safe Is Your Sunscreen?

Orlando.  The sunshine State.  This means that people load up on the sunscreen to protect their skin from the sun’s beaming rays.  But are we actually causing more harm than good?  I recently came across an article that opened my eyes to sunscreen. Here’s what you need to know.

There are two main kinds of sunscreen: chemical and mineral. Chemical sunscreen uses chemicals to block UVA and UVB rays, while mineral sunscreen uses physical barriers in the form of minerals like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide (these are naturally broad spectrum).

Chemicals used in conventional sunscreen include the following:

  • oxybenzone
  • avobenzone
  • octisalate
  • octocrylene
  • homosalate
  • octinoxate
  • ethylhexyl salicylate

Some studies suggest that these harmful chemicals can be absorbed into your bloodstream. However, some mineral sunscreens also contain chemical sunscreen ingredients, so it’s important to check the active ingredients.

Dangers of Chemical Sunscreens

These chemical sunscreen ingredients aren’t harmless either. They affect the body and the environment in serious ways.   In the 1970s, the FDA grandfathered in many sunscreen chemicals because they were already in use. These chemicals have never been evaluated for safety.  According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), oxybenzone is the most concerning of the chemicals in conventional sunscreen. Oxybenzone can easily pass through the skin and into the body. It was found in 96 percent of the adult population and can cause allergic reactions, especially on sensitive skin. It was also found to be a weak estrogen and to have potent anti-androgenic effects (block hormones like testosterone).

Environmental Impact

Chemical sunscreen use also affects the environment. People use sunscreen before swimming and much of it is washed off into the water.  Worldwide, every year, up to 14,000 tons of sunscreen are deposited on coral reefs. Many of these blockers are composed of chemicals listed above that are contaminants to the marine environment. These components are especially toxic to juvenile corals, as they increase their vulnerability to bleaching, affect their DNA and alter their development process. That is why the products that contain Oxybenzone and other chemical products represent a danger for the conservation of the reef and threaten the resilience of corals in the face of climate change and other effects caused by different human activities.

Concentrations of oxybenzone as low as 62 parts per trillion caused damaging effects. For perspective, the researchers explain that this is the equivalent of one drop in 6.5 Olympic swimming pools. Clearly, not much sunscreen is needed to cause environmental problems.

Oxybenzone is also toxic to algae, sea urchins, fish, and mammals.

According to, oxybenzone can have the following effects:

  • Inhibits embryonic development in sea urchins.
  • Causes gender shifts in fish (male fish take on female characteristics and female fish have reduced ability to produce offspring).
  • Potentially acts as a mutagen and exhibits carcinogenic activity in mammals.

If you’re looking for a mineral sunscreen that’s truly safe, check the ingredients. If any of the above chemicals are listed, don’t buy it. Additionally, if it’s made with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide make sure it is non-nano. This means that the particles are not nano-sized (i.e., able to penetrate into the body).

The EWG lists some mineral sunscreens that are safe:

Thankfully we now have many safe, natural sunscreens to choose from.

You can read the full article with sources here.